High Praise

High Praise from Clients

“We contacted Naledi to add more fun into our 20 year marriage and have been pleasantly surprised how much fun the process has been. Naledi is very caring, considerate, professional and kind, as well as extremely fair making sure we both get the same amount of time to speak. After about 2 months working with Naledi, we feel more connected and understanding of each other. We are also starting to make conscious changes to prioritize our fun time together.” ~ K. Katz

Being coached by Naledi Raspberry was extremely helpful, as she provided clarity, empowerment and profoundness. With her gift of insight and awareness, she was able to awaken in me my inner, most authentic thoughts where my true power lies. We were able to create or invent together the new life that I truly desired which included the freedom of having a car and what it would provide for me living in Florida. I had been a long term resident of New York City where driving was unnecessary as my very busy lifestyle had no limits.

Present circumstances didn’t include the means to buy a car but the intention was now clear. Within that week, a dear friend who had decided to purchase a new car informed me that she was planning to gift me with her then current car which I gratefully accepted. This miracle has provided me a whole new context in which I now hold my life and the many possibilities available. I am grateful for having experienced Naledi Raspberry’s awesome coaching as her inimitable insight, passion for coaching and life experiences, made her indeed to be one in a million. Her coaching is a gift for anyone looking for that next step in creating a powerful life that you love. She is the ticket to ride as she will get you there.” ~ D. Carlyn

“Where I was before was stuck in a ball of emotional conflict around success. I was really having to deal with my past and not knowing how. The coaching sessions gave me focus, exercises, that allowed me to work through and problem solved simultaneously learning to control my emotions by identifying triggers. I am much happier now because I identified things that stopped me and I don’t let them stop me any more. I have skills to go around them.” ~ EMKay


“You certainly come across as very professional. You hold to the client agenda very well, I did feel I was able to bring up new topics and ultimately go where I wanted to. Please know that I am very grateful for our journey and as far as insights there were tons and some that are very valuable! I have all my notes and really there were a lot of great insights throughout the 12 sessions, some a direct result of your sharing personal things with me.” ~ M. James