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Are you happy with yourself?

Are you happy with yourself AND happy with your sweetheart?

Do you know how to find the key to your own happiness?

Are you unhappy because you can’t find anyone you can love and who will love you in return?

Happiness isn’t an accident of birth. Happy people attract other happy people because they know who they are – and they have discovered that they are wonderful!

 “Dost thou reckon thyself only a puny form when within thee the universe is folded? “                         (The 10th century writer, Avicenna)

  • Are you having difficulty explaining what you mean or what you want clearly enough for the ones you love and the people around you to understand not only what you said but also what you mean?
  • Are you having arguments over things that you realize later weren’t really important at all?

What is keeping you from expressing yourself clearly?

Coaching with me can guide you to find the secret that is buried inside you –that you are lovable, loved and capable of loving. Happiness is your natural condition. Confidence is a natural result.  Fun should be a daily occurrence! 

The coaching journey of discovery helps us to act that way!

We grew up learning to see things a certain way.

Have you ever argued about money? Have you ever been surprised to discover that somebody else’s point of view was just as valid as yours even though it was opposite from what you thought? You learned to see things the way your family or culture perceived them. There are ways to look at almost anything that can bring peace instead of stress.

The exact same thing can happen to two people and one can perceive it as proof of love while the other can see it as proof of disdain. Your perception is your reality, no matter what the other person really intended. The facts remain the same, but when you change your perception, you change the way you understand the facts!

Contact me! Let me show you how to see other points of view and feel more loved! Have more happiness!

The journey of love always has some pits in the road but that “pit of trouble” doesn’t have to mean the end of everything. That spell in the pits can provide time to reflect, take stock of your direction, find new ways to talk with people in your life whom you love and do things that you wouldn’t have made time to do without that trouble.  It can be a blessing!

Trouble can give you time to look at the love you have and update it’s GPS – its direction. 

Do you feel lost sometimes? Vaguely Unhappy? I can help you clarify your goals so you can re-set your internal navigation – the GPS that guides your own life and the way you relate to the people around you.         You can aim toward happiness!  

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Love isn’t a state of being until it is made into an action.   

Love is an action verb!

Relationships that start happy and stay happy need

Intention as well as attention!   Consistency as well as concern!    Peace as well as passion!

Isn’t this the kind of happiness you want?

As a certified relationship coach with a master’s degree in counseling, I can help you to:

  • Wake up happy and go to bed thankful because you set your intention and then paid attention to what was important around you.
  • Feel a unity that is greater than your separate selves because you love so consistently that you know what to expect  and each of you  can safely depend on the concern of the other.
  • Open the door to new possibilities for you and your relationship because you are free to confidently experience both unbounded passion and serene peace with each other.

Stop complaining!        Stop sleeping too much!         Stop eating too much!                                  Stop buying things you don’t need!    Stop avoiding confrontation!




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